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Evaluation, Best Practices and Collaboration for Multilingual Information Access
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CLEF 2010: Padua, Italy September 2010
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TrebleCLEF workshop at eChallenges : Best Practices for Multilingual Information Access Istanbul,...
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CLEF & the International Retrieval Facility (IRF)

The International Retrieval Facility is offering access to their computing facilities for CLEF participants. Applications should be sent to John Tait, the Chief Scientific Officer of the IRF. For details, see here.

TrebleCLEF & Europeana

TrebleCLEF is a partner in Europeana - the European digital library, museum and archive - a service of the EDL Foundation.

TrebleCLEF &

TrebleCLEF collaborates with the project (ICT No. 231551) - Digital Library Interoperability, Best Practices and Modelling Foundations - with respect to key issues on interoperability

TrebleCLEF & FLaReNet - Fostering Language Resources Network

TrebleCLEF is an Institutional Member of FLaReNet (ECP-2007-LANG-617001) - Fostering Language Resources Network